Yellow Lingerie

The mister and I have always had a weakness for anything old, traditional and vintage so when we stumbled across this house two years ago, we instantly fell in love. After many years of renting it was the perfect way to start our exciting (and overwhelming) journey onto the property ladder — high ceilings, a working fireplace with original tiles, ornate coving and two 120 year old cupboards that still have the scent of real wood. Yellow Lingerie

The previous interior wasn’t to our taste, but we saw past it and saw how good the potential was with the help of a few paint pots and a bit of elbow grease. After a slow and gradual process of redecorating, the house is now complete and we couldn’t be happier with the results. If only Penny’s room was more spacious and our yard transformed into a garden then it would be our dream home for years to come. Our aim was to take the house back in time and emphasise the traditional aspects. And although Dominic did get carried away at times (I had to ban him from buying any more brass furnishings), we got there in the end — just in time for us to sell up, move on and start a new journey together.

Lots of Love D xxx