White Lingerie


Adidas Stan Smith’s

Oh I was having such a dilemma about these just before LFWEND. I had been pining over trainers for quite some time, so when I had to actually choose, my head was complete mush. Nike Roshe Runs or Adidas Stan Smiths? As the above photo suggests, I went with Adidas and I’ve been wearing them every day since. Old Skool comfort! White Lingerie



I hate to say this (as a lover of all things cheap and cheerful) but my mam bought me this gift set recently and my skin really has never felt so good. This could be down to the fact that Dermalogica is so damn amazing or it could just be that my face is now being cleansed, toned and moisturised every day. I’m now skipping into the bathroom every morning, excited to play with my new and slightly posh (for a girl who often ‘cleanses’ her face with baby wipes) goodies. Whatever the reason, I’m loving the difference so I’ll just carry on using my little gift set (sparingly, so that it lasts longer) and cry when I run out.

Dairy Milk Ritz Like little drops of heaven in your mouth. This new chocolate bar is simply incredible. It’s deceiving, as it doesn’t look up to much, but after your first bite you will be hooked. Chunky squares of pure Dairy Milk chocolate with slightly salted Ritz biscuits added on top. They’re hard to come by in my local stores so I’m finding any excuse to have a fly by to Sainsburys to pick up a pack of 3, which suspiciously disappears the very next day. Who on Earth could be eating 3 within 24 hours? ***insert guilty looking red face***.


Missguided Wide Leg Jersey Trousers

These are what Joey Tribbiani would call his ‘Thanksgiving pants’. Stretchy, wide legged and, thanks to their forgiving waistband, great to eat food in. I bought these a few weeks ago and they’ve almost become my new tattoo. They’re the type of item you get upset about when it comes to that time when they need to be heaved off your legs and put in the washing machine. I’ve recently included these in my first ever YouTube haul which you can watch here. What things are you loving this month? Lots of Love D