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Wow! Has Christmas really came and gone already? I feel slightly cheated that after weeks and weeks of preparation, all of the festivities are over in a matter of days. I agree with Wizzard, I really do wish it could be Christmas everyday but for now it’s back to reality, I need stop eating chocolate for breakfast, putting pate on my toast and wear something other than my pyjamas. Vinyl Lingerie

Has it really been over a week since I last posted? I’m not the most punctual of people at the best of times, I wish I could blame this on having kids but unfortunately, I was born like this. I was the one brushing her hair, eating her toast and packing her bag as I ran to catch up with my friends on the morning walk to school. Punctuality has never been my forte. So if you add dinner dates, tea parties, Boxing day balls, Christmas day and family get togethers into my schedule, this can only result in more lateness, extra stress and no time for photos or blogging. I’m making the conscience decision to be more organised in 2015 in the hope that my time keeping will also improve. Anyway, I have decided to pick three of my favourite holiday outfits and redo these looks to show you what I have been wearing lately.  My Christmas day outfit was a lot more black than I would have liked. For me, Christmas calls for reds, green, glitter and gold…anything that gives off some festive cheer however, there is a reason behind my dark facade. Little Miss Unorganised here realised just two days before Christmas that, unlike when I was a young,single and living at home, I am no longer welcomed by a pile of presents from Santa on Christmas morning including my Christmas day outfit. After this realisation, I quickly ordered the perfect burgundy faux leather midi skirt from Missguided however, in the midst of my sheer panic I stupidly chose standard delivery meaning I have only just received my skirt. Yet another reason why I need to be more organised. I’m kind of hoping that my dream skirt can be recycled from a Christmas outfit to a NYE party piece. The grey H&M skirt that I wore is still one of my favourite items in my wardrobe at the moment so I couldn’t grumble too much. You can dress it up as I did with this backless H&M top or you can give it a more casual feel with an over-sized t-shirt or jumper. My only advice is, do not wear it on a day where you are planning to eat a disgusting amount of food as the waist band is very unforgiving. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.

Leather trousers — H&M Grey top — Next Sale Necklace — Primark Hat — Primark

After Christmas day comes Boxing Day and with Boxing Day came more food, alcohol and The Holly Ball. After meeting with some friends for a late lunch wearing my leather trousers and newly bought top that I bought in the Next sales, it was time to get glammed up and attend The Holly Ball. The Holly Ball is an annual black tie event at a bar located in Newcastle called As You Like It and it is a rare opportunity to go all out and do Hollywood Glamour. I grabbed the perfect ASOS Exclusive dress, threw on my River Island peep toes, called on Kimmy Cattin to work her magic make-up wand on me and voila, Cinderella was ready for the ball. I started the night looking like the above but after one too many Pina Coladas, I ended the night very differently. When will I ever learn? Luckily, I had a stocking full of chocolate to ease the pain the next day.  What have you been wearing for your Christmas parties? Lots of Love HFB