Valentine’s Day Lingerie


After Christmas day, snow, Christmas Carols and the thought of over indulging for a full month, the next thing I get most excited about in December is that it requires you to wrap up and wear lots of jumpers. Now I’m not talking about the thin-knit, fitted kind of jumpers, I’m talking about the huge, over-sized, thick, chunky, incredibly cosy kind of jumpers. The kind that you can get lost in. The kind that wrap their arms around you and hug you all day long. Not only are jumpers practical over the Winter period, they also never go out of fashion. Every year the thick knit jumper makes a comeback, which means once you buy one, you can wear it year after year. Valentine’s Day Lingerie

I’m a jumper addict and if I am, I know they’ll be many more out there so I decided to find my favourite knits and share them with you all.

1 — Missguided — Carina Chunky Knit — £21.99

I bought this jumper myself a few weeks ago and if I could, I would wear it everyday. Love the colour, love the knit, love the roll neck, just love it.

2. H&M — Cropped Jumper — £29.99

This jumper also comes in yellow and the flared sleeves give it a great twist.

3. PLT — Multi Yarn Fluffy Jumper — £20.00

I have a real soft spot for multi yarn jumpers, I always think they look extra cosy and turn a standard jumper into something a little bit more special.

4. Topshop — Fluffy Jumper — £35.00

Topshop a few variations of this jumper but this colour really stood out for me. It has a real military feel which is a trend that has been featured in many catwalks and magazine lately.

5. Zara — Mohair Sweater — £45.99

Although this is one of the most expensive items on my list, it’s also one of my favourites. It is so versatile and can be worn in a multitude of ways, with jeans, long skirts, midi skirts, short skirts…anything that is in your wardrobe. It also comes in green.

6. Urban Outfitters — UNIF Jumper — £75

Also, not a cheap one but it was too nice not to include. This would be one of those jumpers that you almost get excited to wear every Winter. Everything about it is perfect from the colour, to the knitted pattern. If you are looking for something like this but on a smaller budget, if you search for ‘grandad jumper’ on eBay, there are lots of amazing vintage jumpers like this for sale.

7. eBay — Over-sized Roll Neck — £8.49

Yes only £8.49!!! This jumper comes in many colours including black, navy and cream and the price depends on the colour. The most expensive one being £10.49.

8 H&M — Wool Blend Jumper — £17.99

Personally I think H&M are one of the best when it comes to jumpers and thick knits. There were just too many to choose from but this orange jumper is currently in the sale so won on price. Hope you like all of these jumpers as much as I do, I’m struggling with the urge to buy them all. Happy shopping everyone 🙂 Lots of Love HFB