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Acid wash denim dress — River Island
If you live in England, then unpredictable weather is the only kind of weather you’ll know. It must be so much easier to decide on an outfit for the day when you don’t have to try and dress for four seasons in one day. Our original plan yesterday was to have Sunday lunch followed by a trip to the farm. This was immediately scrapped once we opened our curtains to the menacing, grey clouds. Food was still on the agenda (food always is) but walking around the farm soaked through in the freezing cold wasn’t as appealing. So instead, we opted for a lazy Sunday. After a hectic week of work, school and everything else in between, there’s nothing better than emptying out the toy box on the floor, making a cup of tea, grabbing some chocolate and chilling. It’s what (some) Sundays are made for. Taupe Lingerie

The majority of the day was spent in our pyjamas, but (despite what some locals seem to think) this is not socially acceptable attire to leave the house in, so I did have to put some effort into getting dressed to go out for lunch. The shirt I’m wearing has quickly become one of my favourite wardrobe pieces and best of all, it was free! I’ve mentioned before that my friends and I throw ‘A Clothes Swapping Party’ where we all take unwanted/unworn/over-worn items from our wardrobe and swap. They’re the perfect opportunity to have a clear out while also replenishing your wardrobe and they’re fun, and best of all, free. One woman’s trash is another woman’s new favourite outfit! So when my sister in law text the other day to say that she’d had a clear out of her own and had four black bags waiting to be sifted through, I was there without hesitation. It turned out to be a great move as I managed to bring home quite a selection of ‘new’ pieces, including this 17th century vampire-esque shirt. Truly in love. I’ve also been harping on about a new spring/summer coat in my last few posts, so when I stumbled across this over-sized khaki trench coat in Primark the other day I couldn’t resist. It is exactly what I had been looking for and for some unknown reason, it was in the sale for just £10. It seems it was all about the over-sized, comfy pieces today which had the the added bonus of generously accommodating my Sunday lunch food-baby!

Lots of Love