Skin Lingerie


I’m a girl who loves her pyjamas. I’m practically stripping off out of my work clothes on the drive home and I’m forever leaving a trail of shirts, jeans and bras on the route to my bedroom where I’m once again reunited with my beloved PJs. So when the ‘pyjama trend’  first came around in 2013 I was 100% behind it. You want me to wear an outfit that looks and feels like pyjamas when I’m outside? Errrr, ok then. To then see this trend carry on through 2014 and continue to grace the catwalk in 2015 fills me with happiness. Not only can I re-wear all the previous pieces I have bought, there’s also co-ord’s like this on the high street.Skin Lingerie

I first saw this little number on Hannah Crosskey’s Instagram (a blogger I stalk quite reguarly). It was one of those love at first sight kind of moments and after a frantic session on LikeToKnowIt (I’ve still not got to grips with how this thing actually works) I eventually found the origins of this beautiful set — Topshop. I’d planned to wear it a few Saturdays ago for a birthday night out in Newcastle, but as I just love being unorganised, I stupidly thought it was a great idea not to order it until the Friday night (yep, that’s right, the Friday night before the Saturday I was going out). Then just to really emphasise how annoying I actually am, I had another great idea and decided to ring my mam for a quick catch up at 8.30pm. Now, my mam and I don’t have quick chats, we have hour long conversations where we put the world to rights and that night was no different. So once we finished, I sat back down, eager to order my Saturday night outfit (at about 9.30pm). The Topshop cut off point for next day delivery is 9pm. Well done Dominique! As I had another birthday night out on Saturday (check me out — two nights out in a month, I’m becoming quite the socialite), I wasn’t making the same mistake again. This was ordered the Monday before ***insert a round of applause for me here***.

I am pleased to say that this was worth the wait (and stress) over the last month as I am crazy in love with it. I’d even go so far to say that it has been my favourite ever buy from Topshop. The material is so light, the cut is superb and it’s striped — what more could I ask for? As it is a co-ord it can be worn three different ways; together, the shirt with a different choice of trousers/jeans and the trousers with a different top. I’m always a fan of any item that can repeatedly worn without the risk of the ‘she’s wearing that again’ comment. Yes, I did receive a few ‘oh you’re wearing your pyjamas’ jibes while I was out, but I just glided past the perpetrators in my ever so chic ensemble with a smile. Ain’t nobody dissin’ me tonight! It has taken far too long to actually get round to shooting the photos for this post. We recently put our house up for sale and in one week we have had six viewings (cue the incredibly manic tidying up sessions) so the photo opportunities that I would have liked haven’t exactly came off. Taking outfit photos as I clean the bathroom isn’t exactly the route I want to go down (this would probably work in Vogue but not on my little blog). The day we actually had a chance to shoot some stuff was also a day my toddler Penny decided to get in on the action and I had a stream of photos featuring her so I couldn’t not include one (she’s quite the little poser don’t you think?) ,

How will you be wearing the pyjama trend?

Lots of Love