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I started the 30 day water challenge at the beginning of December last year (here) and had all intentions of blogging my weekly results however, in the midst of Christmas and New Year, this little intention soon slipped out of mind. So rather than leave you guessing, this post will recap my full challenge.

I could never have imagined how quickly I would see or feel a difference but after drinking 3 litres of water a day for one week, the difference was almost instantaneous. You can see my week 1 photo here. My spots had started to clear, my cheeks wore a glowing shade of pink, my awful black shadows had decreased dramatically and my headaches had miraculously disappeared. Then the festive period hit.  Uh oh! It wasn’t until we started the New Year that I caught a glimpse of myself, make-up free in the mirror and sulked when I realised that I was almost back to my week 1 photo. The under eye black shadows, grey skin and spots were back with a vengeance. This shocked me into making a conscious effort to start (and keep up) drinking more water again. Red Lingerie

I have been drinking 3 litres of water a day now for over 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I now know that the pitiful amount of water that I used to drink (probably a glass a day), was causing me to be in constant state of dehydration which is terribly unhealthy. A woman’s body is made up of 55% water so we really do need this clear, underrated liquid to function, I just don’t think people, including myself, realise how valuable it really is. Thanks to drinking more water, my skin has remained clear with very few break outs, it feels nourished and without sounding too presumptuous, it’s glowing. My black shadows are still visible without concealer (I have two kids so they’ll be around for a good 18+ years yet) however, they have lightened and have retreated up towards my eye, rather than taking over my face like before. I hardly ever complain of headaches and if I do, I know it’s because I’m becoming dehydrated and simply drink water rather than popping a couple of paracetomel like I used to. I feel less bloated, I’m almost bouncing out of bed on a morning and on the whole I just feel better within myself. Without sounding too cheesy, it really is a miracle liquid.

When I started this challenge, I was very pessimistic about it all and expected to see a few minor changes but I am pleased, if not a bit surprised to say that all the articles are true. Water really does make that much difference and I would recommend upping your daily intake to anyone. If you want to feel revitalised, healthy and nourished without spending insane amounts of cash on facials, moisturisers and other ‘magical’ lotions, then just drink some more H2O. If you need anymore encouragement, then please just take a look at my before and after photos below.


Will you be trying the 30 day water challenge?

Lots of Love