Push Up Lingerie

I love a good life ‘hack’ whether it be in cooking, hair or beauty and over the years I have read or heard so many that have worked and many that haven’t. These are a few of my favourites, the ones I have remembered over the years and use for an easier, less expensive life. Hope you enjoy! DIY Matte Lips — Thanks the phenomenon of the «Kylie Jenner’ lips, everyone is racing out to buy matte finish lipsticks. However, there is a great way to give your favourite lipstick a matte finish. Apply your lipstick as usual, place a tissue over your lips, then brush some translucent powder over it lightly. The powder will seep through the tissue giving your lips the matte effect that we all love. Push Up Lingerie

DIY Brow Tamer — Everyone wants that killer brow but what happens if disaster strikes and you run out of your favourite brow gel?…simple, use lip balm instead. Apply the lip balm to your eyebrows using your fingers and brush into place using your usual eyebrow brush. Perfectly set eyebrows, here you come!

DIY Model-esque Glow —  Who doesn’t want that radiant, dewy model glow everyday? To achieve this without spending every penny you have on expensive creams and facials just mix a dab of liquid highlighter or moisturiser in with your foundation and apply to your face as usual.

DIY Gel Liner: If you’re usual gel liner starts to dry or run out then you can use your pencil liner instead. Put the tip of the pencil near a flame for around 30 seconds, let it cool for approx. 15 minutes and then apply. By doing this you will achieve the same thick, intense line that your gel liner would give you.

DIY Dry Shampoo — How many times have you slept in, woke up with hair that is already way passed it’s washing date to then find out that you have ran out of dry shampoo? If this happens to you, replace your dry shampoo with baby powder/talc as it does exactly the same thing. Put s small amount of powder on your hairline and rub it in. It will take the greasiness away and make your hair look good.

DIY Heated Eyelash Curlers — This will save on false eyelashes while also helping your natural eyelashes curl easier and for longer.  Use your hairdryer to blow hot air onto your curler until it heats up, wait until it cools (be careful at this point, you don’t want to burn your eyelid), and then clamp down on your lashes to curl them. You’ll be surprised how long your eyelashes stay curled for.

DIY Lipstick — There have been many times I have fell in love with a really out there lipstick shade, I buy it and promise myself that I will wear it everyday to justify the price only to wear it once and never again. Oops! To stop wasting money on lipstick colours that you will only ever wear once, you can make your own. If you have any loose eyeshadow pigment that you love, mix it with some Vaseline and apply to your lips. Voila!

DIY Fast Drying Nail Varnish — I don’t sit still long enough to ever let nail varnish dry properly so this little tip is a life saver and stops smudges. Fill a bowl with ice and water, and soak your nails for a few minutes after painting them. The cold water will set the paint and help your nails dry faster.

Anti-Smudge Mascara Trick — My morning routine is so rushed, I am terrible for leaving the house with nice, black mascara marks under my eyes but this little tip will help you avoid the same. Hold up a bank card under your lashes as you apply. This works especially well on your lower lashes.

Bobby Pin Tip — Bobby pins are amazing little inventions aren’t they? Always on hand when you need them. The only problem is that I always leave a little trail of them behind me wherever I go as they tend to slip or pop out of my hair. If you have the same problem,  place them on a paper towel and give them a quick spritz of hairspray. This will turn your normal slippy bobby pins into little sticky pins which will stay in your hair much better.

Hope you find these beauty and hair hacks useful, I know I do.

Lots of Love HFB