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I started a 30 day water challenge last Thursday to try and find out whether we’re spending too much on beauty products when we could achieve the same results just by drinking more water. You can find my full post here. Before I started the challenge I was drinking around 500ml of water a day, the rest of my fluids would be made up of cups of tea so when I first started the challenge, I found it very difficult increasing this to 3 litres of water. Plus I was never away from the toilet. However, after the first few days I seemed to find a routine that worked. Purple Lingerie

  • 7am — 500ml
  • 9.30am — 500ml
  • 12.30pm — 500ml
  • 1.00pm-6pm — gradually drink 1-1.5litres
  • 8.00pm — 500ml

After a week of drinking 3litres of water, I haven’t felt much difference in my wellbeing, I haven’t had a surge of energy and I have still had some headaches however, the difference in my skin and black bags is actually quite remarkable. My black bags, which are usually very yellow and sunken have lightened up dramatically. My skin before I started drinking more water had broken out in spots, it was grey and tired but now, as you can see from the photo, all of my spots have cleared and I seem to have more colour in my cheeks. In both of the below photos I am not wearing any foundation, powder or concealer If this is the results after one week, I can’t wait to see next weeks. Stay tuned or follow my blog for more results over the coming weeks.

Lots of Love HFB


After                                                           Before