Plus size lingerie


They had revolutionary fashion, unbeatable hair, killer make-up and even better music…who else is slightly envious of their grandparents for being part of the sixties? Every now and again, I find myself searching for 60’s fashion on Pinterest and Google for inspiration and almost feel upset that I wasn’t part of such an exciting era in fashion. Luckily for us, it has made a come back this season, with the likes of Gucci and Henry Holland showcasing their bold prints, mini skirts and high knee boots at London Fashion week, the swinging’ sixties are back. plus size lingerie

The outfit I am wearing today costs less than £50 which is another reason the 60’s trend is the one to wear if you’re on a budget. Think charity shops, vintage shops, vintage fairs, car boots or even your Nana’s wardrobe or loft. These are the places where you will find your one off, authentic 60’s items. They’ll be a fraction of the cost of what you would pay following this trend using the high street and you will be the only person wearing them. There has been many occasions over the years that I have told my Nana about a dress or a pair of shoes that I have been desperately trying to replicate, only to be told that she had a pair exactly like that when she was younger but that she threw them out in one of her clear outs….NOOOOOO! Fingers crossed you have hoarders for grandparents 🙂

I bought this embroided top from a vintage store called Pop Boutique in Liverpool and it cost £14.99. It’s so beautiful and I almost ran across the store when I spotted it. It’s true what they say, they just don’t make them like they used to, especially when you’re only spending £14.99. The skirt was one of the items I bought during my Primark haul and cost only £3. I haven’t had many chances to wear it but the burnt orange goes perfectly with the stitching on the vintage top and as it is a mini skirt, it has the perfect sixties feel. The boots were actually a hand-me-down from my mam. She sent me a photo asking if I would like them as she had just found them under her bed. How do you forget a pair of boots like this are under your bed??? Anyway, I snatched them up immediately. The faux fur coat is on old eBay purchase that I won for around £30, it was one of those lucky items that was due to end in the middle of the day, I just happened to search for ‘ending soonest’ and entered a last minute bid and won.

I have been mega busy thanks to Christmas, the shopping just never seems to end but once the craziness is all finished, I will be attempting another charity shop challenge to try and add some new sixties pieces to my wardrobe. I’m thinking dogtooth, prints, mini skirts and flares.

What are you favourite pieces from the sixties?

Lots of Love HFB