Orange Lingerie

Well hello there, my name is Dominique and I am the writer, creator, stylist and occasional photographer behind Her Fashion Blog. I’m a little girl (5ft4 to be exact) who lives in Sunderland in the North East of England. I’m an excessive tea drinker, biscuit connoisseur and bargain hunter who loves anything related to fashion, beauty and food. Orange Lingerie

I decided to start my blogging journey in 2014 when I came close to having some kind of late 20’s mid-life crisis, you know the kind of crisis when you start asking that dreaded question, ‘what am I going to do with my life?’  I wanted to create something that I could call my own, that I could be proud of, that I could watch grow while also (fingers crossed) establishing myself as a writer (and maybe even a photographer) … and with that, Her Fashion Blog was born.

Her Fashion Blog covers everything I love and want to share; whether it be my charity shop challenges, easy to do hair tutorials, beauty advice or even a recipe that I like. If you stumble across my blog and you also share the same interests as me, fashion posts and beauty reviews with a sprinkling of lifestyle topics then please feel free to get in touch, I always love a good chat.

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