Microfiber Lingerie

Last week I shared the five beauty products that I couldn’t live without. My ‘classics’. If everything else in my beauty box vanished I’d like to believe that I could cope however, if these five items decided to go to then there would be no other option but to self implode. You can see what these items are here. Today, I am going to share with you the items that are hanging in my wardrobe that I feel just as strongly about, these are my ‘classic’ wardrobe items. Whether they are at risk of becoming infused to your skin, only worn at special occasions, that designer piece that was an extra special treat or even the bargain buy that you’ve cherished for years, we all have our favourite wardrobe pieces. Here are mine:

Leather Jacket — Topshop (similar)

Back in the day when I would frequent the local ‘Indie’ bars with my pixie haircut, obsessing over the movie Factory Girl and as a result, dressing in anything that would resemble Edie Sedgwick, this jacket was my pride and joy. It could have been mistaken for a new tattoo as I never had it off. These days, I have calmed down on the over-wearing (it had started getting out of hand) nevertheless, it is still one of my all time favourite gifts. You can never go wrong when you have a leather jacket hanging in your wardrobe and for me, this is the perfect style. It can be added to any outfit and can be worn anytime of the year. Microfiber Lingerie

Grey Top/T-Shirt

So I have an obsession with grey, as explained here. Meaning, I am also obsessed with grey tops, especially over-sized grey tops.  Perfect for the ‘I just rocked out of bed like this’ look. Very relaxed, understated and casual. Everyone should have one in their wardrobe. I have had so many over the years, most of them being replaced due to bobbling, fading or general grubbiness but this is my most current love. You can see this particular top here.



Black Skinny Jeans

Not very original I know and I am fully aware that I need to start shaking it up a bit when it comes to the colour of my trousers but these appear on my legs every morning. I honestly don’t know how it happens. The majority of girls will own a pair of black skinny jeans and who can blame us, they pretty much go with anything.

Flannel Checked Shirt

I bought this ridiculously over-sized checked shirt from Nasty Gal (a incredibly amazing American site that I have now had to ban myself from visiting due to the amount of import tax charges I was having to pay). Sob! This particular item has been worn to death, it even has a slight hole under the pocket but it just adds to the grunge look, or so I tell myself. My favourite outfit in the world is my checked shirt, grey top underneath and black skinny jeans. So pretty much nearly all of the above. I can’t get enough of casual outfits that don’t take too much thought (meaning they don’t take too much time either).

Striped Top Ok, so I have a few of these ranging from crop t-shirts to long sleeved knits in a range of colours and stripe size. I have considered condensing this area of my wardrobe on numerous occasions but it just becomes too stressful. I love them all.

What items in your wardrobe could you not live without?

Lots of Love Dominique