Her Fashion Blog: Scarlet Olive Jewellery

My jewellery box leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t think it’s evolved much from the days when I used to dress up in plastic beads and clip on earrings. It’s filled with out of season Freedom necklaces (that were no doubt bought in a sale), a few Primark rings (which are now a lovely shade of green) and then there’s my prized possession; a Michael Kors watch (with a battery that died a few months ago and I’ve yet to replace). Yeah, I can see why no one has ever asked to raid my jewellery box… 

When I was asked to work with Scarlet Olive, a new up and coming jewellery company, my jewellery box and I were both thrilled (if a bit nervous). The rumour is that diamonds are a girls best friend but for me (t-shirt and jeans kind of girl), this isn’t the case (my current lack of jewels is evidence of that). Having said that, when you combine the perfect sprinkling of diamonds and a silver necklace that has been intricately woven with vibrant coloured threads to create something as esquisite as the collections over on Scarlet Olive; then, even I could be tempted. If you browse through the range of jewellery over on their website you will see that there’s a necklace or bracelet to suit any occasion and any personality. Whether it be an understated bracelet to add a splash of colour to a LBD or a necklace that is certain to turn heads, Scarlet Olive will have the perfect choice for you, handcrafted with love. With the help of the first of the spring sun, my boyfriend’s photography skills and an 18th century manor as my backdrop, I was transformed into an elegant lady for the day — something that jewellery like this can do with ease. Due to this style of necklace being called Sun Shower, I thought that it would be fitting to embrace a bright, sunny day so it was a crazy, mad dash outside once we saw a small glimmer of sun poking out of the clouds that day. I obviously wasn’t thinking like a true Northerner at this point, as we might not have many bright, sunny days but when we do, they’re still freezing. If you could see the photos I haven’t published, you’d see chattering teeth, blue lips…icicles forming around my nose…OK well maybe that’s going too far, but it was very cold.

So having never really bought into the whole jewellery thing — I think I’ve been converted. I’ll always love a bargain but I’m starting to  think that when it comes to jewellery, this may need to change. My credit card will be pleased.

If you’re looking for to update your jewellery collection then you must check out what Scarlet Olive has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Lots of Love