Grey Lingerie

1. Chunk Knit Jumper — ASOS 2. Stripe Wide Leg Trousers — Miss Selfridge 3. Black Fedora Hat — Topshop 4. Oversized Blouse — ASOS 6. Pinstripe Tailored Suit — Misguided 7. Leather Pointed Heel — Pretty Little Thing 9. Nike Roshe Run — Footasylum

It’s now less than a week before I jump on a train (cup of tea in hand) and head to the bright lights of the capital for London Fashion Weekend. How will I ever get through this week at work?  I’ve never had the pleasure of attending an event like this, so as it approaches I’m full of unanswered questions (hints and tips are greatly appreciated). For a born and bred Northerner like myself, just being in London can be a bit overwhelming, so add LFW into the equation and well, you can imagine the roller coaster ride of emotions I’m on right now.  Mostly, I’m ridiculously excited. But there is a certain little something that keeps popping up every time I think about my trip — nerves (eek!). Happily, many bloggers out there have posted their hints and tips of how to survive LFW. Thanks to these bloggers (in particular In The Frow) I now know to take business cards, an umbrella, my favourite lipstick and of course my camera. The only question now is… what am I going to wear?

I am the epitome of a Libra; romantic, laid-back, fair and also incredibly indecisive. This is probably the main reason for my constant lateness as I haven’t yet got the knack of just ‘shoving’ something on and walking out of the door. So while I hope I pull off the illusion of effortless dressing, in reality everything I do involves a series of outfit changes beforehand. A good example of this was the first time my boyfriend asked me out on a date. It took a week of try ons, online shopping, hair trials and lots of serious conferring with friends before I decided on my truly amazing outfit — jeans, t-shirt and ballet pumps (go me!). So throw me into a situation like this and, well, it all becomes a bit crazy. These are a few of the options that I’m toying with; androgynous, chic and simple. Grey Lingerie

I’d love your opinions on which one you like best?

Lots of Love



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