Black Lingerie


You stare disappointingly at the contents of your wardrobe, you dream of a complete revamp but your bank balance just simply won’t allow it. Sound familiar? If you’re in a situation like this, then you can guarantee that other girls are too, including your friends. So what do you do? You throw a clothes swapping party of course!  Black Lingerie

Once or twice a year my wardrobe becomes a ticking time bomb, waiting for me to squeeze that one extra dress in before it explodes, sending a shock wave of skirts, shirts and dresses towards me. Only then, when it reaches this point do I decide that it maybe a good idea to have a good ol’ clear out. Normally I would then I then sell on what I think would sell at a decent price on the likes of eBay or I donate to charity. However, in the past I have been stung by the dreaded last minute 99p bid and it’s a little soul destroying to see a top or dress that you used to love being sold for such a low price.  I’ve also regretted giving certain items to charity too, for instance, you’re trying to find a top to go with that new skirt that you have just bought when you remember an old top that you had that would be perfect, then it suddenly dawns on you that that very top was in your last donation pile. Argh! That is why clothes swapping parties are the ideal way to revamp your wardrobe for free.

So let’s get to the general rules of one of these parties. Before the night of the party you all sort through your wardrobes, picking out clothes that you no longer wear, don’t fit, don’t like or have worn too much, or haven’t worn at all. Then you all decide who will play host, bring food and/or alcohol and lets be honest, everything is more fun with a bit of bubbly. Once you all arrive, dump your unwanted clothes in a room and let the fun commence, you all have a good rummage grabbing the items that you like the most. As a little pre-warning, you may need to appoint an adjudicator as it is guaranteed that there will be something that more than one of you reach for. In then end, we all went home with bags of ‘new’ clothes, this just shows that, what might be junk to you, is a spanking new ‘must have’ item for someone else. I’m sure there have been times that you have had a girls night out and lusted over your friends new skirt or dress, wishing that you had found it first. Well this very item might just find itself in your hands at one of these parties. Also, if there’s something you regret or need a few months later, it’s OK, it is only at your friends house so you can still lend it for a night or two if you ever need too.

I’m lucky to have a very stylish collection of friends, I’m even luckier to have friends who have habit of wearing things once and never again. Some of the items up for grabs still had tags on! I came away with 6 items in total, 3 of which I have posted below but I also picked up a black Topshop dress, a H&M long sleeve top and a H&M over sized shirt with cut out sections on the back. Not too shabby when it’s all free. I would recommend all of you to throw one of these parties, not only is it a fun night with the girls, its also a great way to update your wardrobe by gaining new items and losing items that you no longer want, it’s free and anything that is left can then be given to charity if you still wish. I’m already excited for my next swapping party and I’ll be sure to post what items I manage to bag next time.

Lots of love HFB



This dress is from Reiss and it is simply beautiful. I’m terrible for never buying sophisticated dress that are perfect for any special occasions but now I have this little number, I won’t need to worry when the next wedding, Christening or black tie event comes around.


I was quick to snatch this tartan check dress as we all know how much I love tartan. I was even more gob smacked when I saw the French Connection label 🙂


This was a vintage dress that one of my friends brought along and the colour straight away drew me to it. Striking!