Anniversary lingerie


Kids these days don’t know how lucky they have it. There, I said it, and I don’t care if I do sound old! When I compare my teenage life to my younger sisters, it’s crazy how much has changed over the last 10 year. Yes they have the added pressure of social media, selfies and Internet abuse but come on, did they only have 160 characters per text to work with? I think not. Kids these days will never understand….

Life without unlimited texts. When one text would cost you a whole 10p you had to be ruthless with your words. No chit chat, no greetings, no niceties and punctuation — what was that? You had to make 160 characters go far and that they did —

«RU goin2th parT Fri?Rly wnt2go bt dnt thnk il b alowd bcz i hd det&mam dnt lik ppl who r goin.Txt bkx»

Calling your friends using the house phone. Only for 59 minutes though, then you had to hang up and redial.  If you didn’t, your parents would receive a huge bill and you would be grounded. Indefinitely. And banned from using the phone. Life is so unfair.

Polyphonic ringtones. The disappointment of downloading one to then realise it sounded nothing like the new Scooter song. Try Eiffel 65 next time. Anniversary lingerie

Spending hours at the local payphone as it was literally the funniest place to be. Prank calling your friends, prank calling strangers, prank calling the Sex Line. God, you were such a rebel!

The sheer frustration of having 8p credit left on your phone.

MSN. Choosing your name (if you had ‘Groovychick2k’ then you were onto a winner), battling with the forever dropping dial up connection and the sickening feeling of butterflies in your stomach when the boy you fancied was online at the same time as you.

The ease of choosing your OOTD. Tracksuit and trainers. Sometimes you’d stress about what brand but that’s about as tough as it got.

The sheer embarrassment of having your ‘Popper’ tracksuit bottoms ripped open Full Monty style by the arsehole in your year. We all had one.

Jane Norman. Their super tight, stretchy, low cut dresses were irresistible. And if you managed to bag their denim catsuit with matching oversized belt, then you my dear were Queen. Of course, you would then flaunt your Jane Norman bag in school until the string handle snapped and spilled your entire life across the school yard. Cringe!

The headache that you would get after a whole day of wearing your hair scraped back as tightly as you could…..

And the overwhelming relief when you took your bobble out. Beats taking off your bra any day.

The feeling of rock hard hair. Mousse, hairspray, wet look gel, wax. Everything. All at once. For hair that didn’t move apart from the two strands at the front that totally framed your face perfectly.

The triumphant feeling you would get when you managed to tie your hair in the perfect slicked back ponytail. A one without any ‘bumps’. You’re amazing.

Ironing your hair without any kinks. No, really, stop…you’re too much.

Make-up bags filled with glitter, temporary tattoos, Collection 2000, white eyeliner and lipgloss. Lots of lipgloss.

Life without Spotify. You couldn’t rely on Now41 to give you a ‘class’ playlist so cue hours of sitting next to your stereo every Sunday night between the hours of 4pm-7pm with a blank cassette hitting ‘record’ or you risked bugging your entire computer by using illegal downloading sites. Again, resulting in you being grounded.

Chilling in your inflatable chair just watching your lava lamp do its thing. For about 5 minutes, then you would get bored and wonder why you ever asked for one.

The frustration of typing the wrong number into Teletext and then getting lost in the never-ending sea of text and numbers. Ah man, I just want to see what’s coming on next.

Being able to buy a 10p mix up that actually included 10 sweets.

Amazing telly. Saved By The Bell, Sister, Sister, My Wife and Kids and Clarissa Explains It All. Her room, her clothes, her….why wasn’t I Clarissa?

Even better music. JLo when she was actually Jenny from the Block, JaRule, JoJo and Ashanti. RnB Queen.

Those were the good ol’ days.

What can you remember from your teen years?

Lots of Love